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 Resiliency 2022

Voices of Hope & Healing

Friday September 9, 2022   12-4pm EST


Focused on personal empowerment and promoting strategies to enhance resiliency, our Resiliency Forum brings together inspirational speakers, empowering clinicians, talented artists, life-changing authors, and noted professionals, all dedicated to enhancing our ability to bounce-back and thrive.

In 2021, 7000+ participants from 111 countries around the world, joined together to focus on strategies to enhance their resiliency in an ever-changing world. 37 celebrities shared their voice & vision for personal empowerment in a 4-hour webinar that included Arianna Huffington, Erin Brockovich, Alanis Morissette, Jack Kornfield, Edith Eger, Alisyn Camerota, Kristin Neff, Pete Buttigieg, Tito Jackson and 30 other remarkable presenters. Additionally, we hosted 6 Global Influencers from Jordan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Rwanda, and the Ukraine.


This year we will be adding an “on-demand” option which will allow you access to watching our webinar for one week after the date of presentation.   Participants must be registered prior to September 8th to attain the access code to the replay.  







  • Over 40 Presenters with diverse talent & expertise 
  • FREE Continuing education credits available 
  • Certificate for professional training & licensure
  • 4-hour live-streaming webinar & now a new “on-demand” option with registration

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September 9, 2022

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  • FREE registration with international participation
  • Strategies to enhance resiliency and happiness
  • Focus on international groups that are changing the world
  • Presenters donate their time and talent for this life-changing event


Our Remarkable 2022 Team

Celebrities, Clinicians, and Inspirational Speakers







Rhonda Ross

Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

 Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

Edith Eger Ph.D.

Author, Clinician, Auschwitz Survivor

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Arianna Huffington

Author, CEO & Founder of Thrive Global

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Andrew Weil, MD

Pioneer Integrative Medicine, Author

Website  |  Youtube  | Instagram 

Omar Wilson

R&B Best Male Singer of the Year

 Website | Facebook | Instagram

 Jericho Brown Ph.D.

Professor, Scholar, Pulitzer Prize Poetry

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Dominique Hammons

Contemporary/Jazz Violinist

 Website  | Facebook  | Instagram


Singer, Songwriter, NICU Nurse

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Kevin Tibbles

NBC & MSNBC Journalist

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Oleksandr Elkin, PhD

Director Ukraine EdCamp Educators

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ray LaHood

Past Secr of Transportation, Congressman

 Website |  Facebook  | Instagram

Laura Robinson

Inventor, Actor, Singer

 Website | Facebook | Instagram  

Amit Sood

CEO Resilient Options, Resiliency Expert 

  Website   |  Linkedin  |  Twitter 

Alisyn Camerota

Journalist, Author, CNN Anchor

 Website |  Facebook  | Instagram


Singer, Songwriter, Advocate

  Website  |   Facebook   |   Instagram  

Richard Schwartz

Founder Internal Family Systems

  Website   |  Facebook   | Instagram 




Jurie Rossouw

CEO Driven-Resiliency Expert

  Website  |   Instagram  | Youtube 

David Kessler

Author, Foremost authority  Grief-Loss

  Website  |  Facebook  | Instagram  


Tibetan Monk     Tong Len School

 Website  | Facebook | Instagram


Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Advocate 

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

Elaine Miller- Karas M.S.

Trauma Resiliency  Expert, Author, Clinician

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jill Carnahan M.D.

Integrative Physician, Author, Speaker

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kristin Neff Ph.D .

Author,  Compassion Expert,  Speaker

 Website  |  Facebook  | Instagram  

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy

NAADAC Executive Director, Author

Website| Facebook | Instagram



Matthew Alexander Ph.D.

Musician, Clinician, Motivational Speaker

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shelley Plumb DPM

Author, Physician, Production Expert

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Monica Parker

Author, Writer, Comedian, Actor  

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Michael Aiduss & Joe Gandarillas

Acclaimed interior designer & Life Coach

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Gurdeep Pandeer

Teacher, Performer, Motivational Dancer

 Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

Cynda Hylton Rushton PhD

Resilience & Ethics Nursing, Johns Hopkin

 Website  | Facebook | Instagram



Amy Goldberg

Producer, Writer,  Engagement Strategist

Alex Harris

Singer, Influencer, Actor

 Website | Facebook | Instagram

Grace Gaustad

Musician, Songwriter, Advocate

 Website  | Facebook   |  Instagram



Naomi Baum Ph.D. 

Michael Dickson



Billy Hayes

 Producer, Author  Midnight Express



Mike Taigman

First Watch/ Resilient First

 Website  | Linkedin   |  Instagram



Bryan Robinson Ph.D. |CoHost

Author, Clinician, Journalist, Speaker

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Joy Miller Ph.D.|CoHost, CEO

CEO Resiliency 2021, Author, Clinician

Website | Facebook | Instagram



Samuel Habimana – Rwanda

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Nadia Stephen Khleif-Jordan

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Yasmine Munu-Akkawi-Jordan

 Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

Marcelo Sena – Canada

 Website  | Facebook | Instagram



Ashley Saye – US

Neha Bhatia- India

 Website | Facebook | Instagram




 Website  | Facebook   |  Instagram



Leslie Carroll- Ireland