Our Unbelievable 2022 Schedule 


Our Co-hosts:

Dr. Bryan Robinson & Dr. Joy Erlichman Miller


Pre-show event 11:50-11:59am EST

12-1pm EST

  • Opening / Welcome (Joy Miller)
  • Global Influencers (Ireland, Jordan, Canada, US, Rwanda)
  • Elaine Miller-Karas (Trauma Resource Institute)
  • Olexandr Elkin (Ukraine)
  • Matthew Alexander (musician)
  • Jill Carnahan MD (Functional Medicine)
  • MARIAH. (singer)
  • Joe Gandarillas & Michael Aiduss (resiliency and environment)
  • Jamyang Lobang (India Tong-Len School)

1-2 pm EST

  • Kristin Neff (self-compassion)
  • Governor JB Pritzker (Illinois)
  • Naomi Baum & Michael Dickson (Israel resiliency)
  • Monica Parker (motivational speaker)
  • Alex Harris (singer, humanitarian)
  • Amy Goldberg (producer, motivational speaker)
  • Jericho Brown (poet laureate, professor)
  • Laura Robinson (singer/songwriter, inventor)
  • Gurdeep Pandher (happiness dancer)
  • Cynthia Moreno-Tuohy (NAADAC)

2-3 pm EST

  • Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Therapy)
  • Helen Hunt & Harville Hendrix (Imago Therapy)
  • Shelley Plumb (motivational speaker, productions)
  • Omar Wilson (singer)
  • Grace Gustaud (singer/songwriter, humanitarian)
  • Billy Hayes ( Midnight Express, actor)
  • Ray LaHood (former Secretary of Transportation)
  • Mike Tagiman (First Watch)
  • MILCK (singer/songwriter, humanitarianz0z
  • Cynda Rushton (moral resiliency)

3-4 pm EST

  • Arianna Huffington (journalist, author)
  • Jurie Rossouw (Australia- resilience expert)
  • David Kessler (author& Grief expert)
  • Amit Sood (Resilient option, former wellness Mayo Clinic)
  • Andrew Weil (functional medicine)
  • Alisyn Camerota (CNN, author)
  • Jewel  Singer & humanitarian
  • Dominique Hammons (classical violinist & RB violinist)
  • Kevin Tibbles  Journalist MSNBC, NBC)
  • Rhonda Ross  (singer, Power Within)
  • Edith Eger (logotherapist, author)
  • Senator Dick Durbin
  • Conclusion (Bryan Robinson & Joy Miller)

Estimated conclusion time 4:20-4:30pm EST     CEU 4.5

*Subject to change

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