Americans are feeling anxiety, depression, complicated grief, loss, and overwhelming episodes of fear and disharmony. With further investigation, many are reporting feeling isolation, loneliness, feelings of being emotionally drained, and numbness from the pandemic.

The mission of Resiliency2021 is to bring together inspirational speakers to empower, inspire, and discover techniques to bounce back and thrive during this life-changing time in history.

Resiliency2021 is a FREE live-streaming webinar, with over 25 celebrities from various walks of life that include mental health experts, clinicians,  inspirational speakers, and musical artists. Each celebrity brings their own unique piece of wisdom, as they come together to share techniques to increase personal resiliency. Each of our speakers will share 3-9 minutes of inspiration and knowledge during our international event spanning over three hours. Sharing from the heart, our star-studded lineup of like-minded people will help us manifest our power. The purpose of our Resiliency 2021 team is to focus not on just surviving, but the process of thriving.



Helping professions that include social workers, professional counselors, addiction professionals, psychologists, physicians, caseworkers, and other professionals, and those interested in personal growth and well-being.

Objectives For Our Participants:

  • Bring awareness and educate resiliency skills and strategies for personal empowerment
  • Teach strategies for enhancing resiliency quotient
  • Assist professionals with clinical and non-clinical techniques to assist clients with their recovery
  • Assist professionals with strategies to assist with PTSD symptoms due to the pandemic & stress-related events
  • Participants will be able to identify definitions of resilience, grit, and bouncing back
  • Participants will be able to identify 3 strategies to enhance their ability to be resilient during the pandemic

Time frame:

Live Streaming Webinar  12pm- 4pm EST   =   4 CEs