Memorializing Loss Through Art



Resilient people tend to look at times of crisis  from the viewpoint of opportunity.  This means people who thrive tend to search for meaning and purpose in adversity. Due to the unprecedented tragedy surrounding the pandemic, eventually each of us will confront our emotional loss and pain experienced during these life-changing months of the pandemic.

Mental health professionals report that healing begins when we remember and honor the loss, and find a sense of meaning within the event.

Meet Cathy Tobias, a Florida woman with a mission. Cathy wanted to illustrate the sheer enormity of the loss of lives due to COVID-19 in the state of Florida. Utilizing her artistic talents, Cathy determined it was possible to use ribbon and twine to create a colorful art installation that honored every person who lost their life in the pandemic.

Cathy solicited her sister and a few friends as they began their effort in November to remember 16,000 lost, but tragically the pandemic multiplied beyond expectations and by January she needed to memorialize over 27,000 lives lost.

The colorful effort is called the COVID Ribbon Memorial, which now stretches over 800 feet, the distance of nearly 2.5 football fields.  With the assistance of over 70 volunteers, Cathy‚Äôs living art installation will stretch across the beach on Anna Maria Florida on February 16th. Cathy dreams this will be the first step in remembering every victim of COVID.

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