MILCK is a singer, songwriter, producer, and advocate who has been an impactful voice in the advancement of human rights since the well-known 2017 viral performance of her song “Quiet” during the Women’s March. “Quiet” became the unofficial anthem of the movement, was named Billboard’s No.1 Protest Song, and was selected for NPR’s American Anthem Series. The City of Los Angeles featured MILCK as a leader in positive change and influence for the AAPI Community in their Together We Speak Exhibit. In 2020, MILCK’s single “Somebody’s Beloved” came out during the Black Lives Matter protests and chronicles the life-shattering effects of systemic racism in America. MILCK was then invited to participate in The Kellogg Foundation’s National Day of Racial Healing and performed a powerful duet of “Somebody’s Beloved” with acclaimed poet Amanda Gorman. Following the song’s release, MILCK established The Somebody’s Beloved Fund, to use her music to generate resources for ten grassroots beneficiaries that build power around racial justice, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, criminal justice reform and mental health. She has pledged for every song on her upcoming album to benefit The Somebody’s Beloved Fund. MILCK has performed for Time Magazine’s Voices of the Future summit, was named one of BlogHer’s Social Impact Honorees at the VOTY100 and was a mentor for The Wrap’s BE Conference talking about the intersection of music and social justice. Her latest single “Steady as We Go” launched as part of OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network’s primetime special highlighting women around the globe who are impacting change in their communities. Other songs of MILCK’s have been placed on TV shows, major network trailers, and national commercial campaigns. The Planned Parenthood Champion of Choice Award recipient also finds tremendous joy in writing and producing emotional and anthemic songs for other artists, such as John Legend. MILCK’s new full-length album arrives later this year.



Inspiring activist/singer-songwriter and producer MILCK released her cover of U2’s classic hit “One” earlier this month with producer AG (Adrianne Gonzalez), celebrating the song’s upcoming 30th anniversary.  The song will be featured on the recently announced 7-song EP U2 Reimagined, produced by AG and performed by a diverse group of all-female artists. Today, MILCK shares music video to accompany the new single, directed by Pasha Poosh, featuring improvisations by dancers Matthew “ET” Gibbs and Kylie Shea, who also co-directed the production. The music video was created in partnership with P&G. Stream “One” here, and watch the stunning new music video here.

 “Dancers that dance at this level of athleticism and artistic sensibility are channeling truth through their bodies,” shared MILCK. “Watching Kylie and ET’s improv together reminds me that when we dare to invite others in on our artistic process, we have the opportunity to access a divine storytelling power that transcends words. I hope that when people watch this video, they can feel a sense of catharsis. I then hope that ease of tension will inspire the viewer to contemplate on how they can get creative and curious about participating in the journey of racial healing.”

“U2’s music saved my brother’s life and carried my family through one of the fiercest transitions we’ve experienced thus far,” divulges Shea. “I have a deep reverence for Bono and Edge as their artistry has been etched into my soul for as long as I can remember. When MILCK and AG first played me their reimagined cover of ‘One’, I instantly had full body chills and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I immediately had a vision of Matthew ‘ET’ Gibbs and I improvising together while representing our two very different styles of dance, ballet and bone-breaking, to visually represent the message of the song, which is as powerful as ever almost 30 years after the original record was released.”

 Shea continues, “It is my hope that this project will inspire other dancers and artists of all mediums to collaborate with one another and use their creative power and energy to help sew our divided world back together. If this video changes even one person’s life, all of the struggle and what it took for us to be here today was absolutely worth it.”



Planned Parenthood Champion of Choice Award Recipient



MILCK aims to create such change through an intersectional lens of Feminism, Black-Asian Solidarity, AAPI Support, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and Mental Health. For more information, please visit




Somebody’s Beloved

I Belong










MILCK hobbies include biking and watercoloring.

MILCK is releasing an essay in a book called Hungry Hearts:  Essays on Courage, Desire, and Belonging.