Mariah has been singing since the age of 5.  The Church Choir, talent shows, school plays, and Mom’s rigid vocal coaching were the bedrock of Mariah’s initial training. Born Mariah Dawn’e Hester in Shreveport, LA, she is an “old soul” and animal lover with a flare for the arts that include public speaking, painting, pottery, and dance. Strong in her faith in G-d, this NICU Nurse and proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated continued to sing and perform while pursuing her degree and serving in multiple roles.  She is also a prolific songwriter, as demonstrated in her initial release– “Material Girl.” (produced by Edwin Tony Nicholas.  Mariah is signed to Voracity Music Group based out of Cleveland Ohio.



Material Girl was written by Mariah Hester and produced by Edwin Tony Nichols.  Material Girl is written from the viewpoint of a woman at a crossroads.  Should she remain in a relationship that caters to the material and superficial while neglecting what is truly important?  In the process of finding herself again, she outlines what is missing:  Loyalty. Time. Love. Patience. Teamwork. These are the things that  money can not buy.  Mariah. states, ” I refused to let my voice be muffled by gifts or material things.  Flowers, bags, and clothes can’t fill cracks and holes created by words and actions.  Once I realized this, I found my strength. I found myself.”

Material Girl is currently #27 on the R&B charts.





Mariah has partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in support of their “Love Music Stop Cancer” campaign to help raise awareness and funds to save lives via the initiative #MusicGives.



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