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Instead of simply making a record, Grace Gaustad made her own world…

The 19-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer magnifies her message on tape, on-screen, and beyond. Through her independent full-length debut, BLKBX: wht r u hding, she presents a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and multi-sensory world where all are welcome. The music only serves as the gateway as she widens the scope of this place with an accompanying video for each song, culminating on the BLKBX feature-length film. At the same time, a poem corresponds to every track, and she invites further immersion via the YouTube series BLKBX: A Therapist Speaks. As a multimedia curator, she actively maintains a safe haven for a generation beset with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, uncontrolled emotions, and tendencies to self-harm. Generating tens of millions of streams and receiving acclaim from Wonderland Magazine, Nylon, American Songwriter, Pollstar, and more, she opens up this place for anyone who needs it in 2021. “The glue that ties everything together is the story—which is the first 18 years of my life,” she says. “Even though these are experiences I’ve gone through and continue to go through, the topics are universal. The songs, the videos, the artwork, and the poetry play a different but major role in the narrative. Writing BLKBX taught me when you keep things to yourself, they just grow. They don’t get any smaller or quieter.



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The 19-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer brings her personal experience to this cause, finding music to be a powerful avenue to hope and healing.

This remarkable singer has brought mental health information and  desperately needed resources to the forefront. Not only has she shared her “voice” but she shares actual “tools,” to help those who feel alone, hurt, or searching their own individual path. Grace stands out as a leader in the music industry with her powerful voiceof hope and healing.

TODAY: Twenty-year-old singer-songwriter Grace Gaustad has struggled with her mental health for most of her life, starting at a very young age. She opens up to Carson Daly, detailing her healing journey and discussing her debut album, “BLKBX: wht r u hding?”.

• PEOPLE: Our vulnerability is one of the most powerful things we have. I’ve always thought of it as a superpower. Then I met Grace and thought, ‘Wow, here is that superpower on steroids.’ I’m always in awe when someone makes art out of their pain, and Grace made music that just rocked my world.”  – Mariska Hargitay  (

• BILLBOARD: With her rough school days close in the rearview mirror, Gaustad wants young people struggling through the emotional gauntlet of adolescence to know that the world is so much bigger than school hallways




The 19-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer brings her personal experience to this cause, finding music to be a powerful avenue to hope and healing.

While in high school, Grace faced relentless gender, body, and beauty shaming and endured bullying for her learning disability. Today these traumatic experiences fuel her creativity and inspire her work.

The BLKBX PROJECT was conceived by Grace, who was deeply affected by bullying during her teen years. As an artist, she was able to begin to express herself through writing and composing songs that tell the stories so many teens struggle with: anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness, peer pressure. When the COVID pandemic hit and we were all forced into more isolation, many teens went further inward, amplifying the already confusing world they exist in. Grace decided it was time to speak out. Here, with the support of your own “virtual therapist” Jaz Robbins, multiple nonprofit organizations who specialize in teen issues and trauma, and weaving in Grace’s own music – teens can self-direct to the elements within our black boxes, to find a path to healing.

The BLXBK Project provides music as well as educational and therapeutic resources to enable young people to navigate tools and topics that speak to their own struggles. The BLKBX Project seeks to let young people know they are not alone – here, they choose how to forge a path: LISTEN, LEARN, ACT.

Through her full-length debut, BLKBX: wht r u hding, Grace draws from and shares her own childhood experiences and connects with young people who, today, are facing similar challenges. She has created an accompanying video for each of the 12 original songs, culminating on the BLKBX feature-length film.Additionally, a poem corresponds to every track, and she invites further immersion via the YouTube series BLKBX: A Therapist Speaks.

BLKBX is for anyone who has ever felt different,” Grace says. “Even though it’s about my teen years, the issues don’t necessarily go away when you turn twenty. I want people to find safety and courage from the project. The world is a really hard and cruel place. It’s comforting to know we’re all facing this. Music has always pulled me out of darkness. It’s gotten me through a lot. My hope is the BLKBX Project will resonate with anyone who needs it. Hopefully, it empowers them to explore their own black box and find understanding and acceptance.”



I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it.’ – Maya Angelou.     This is one of my favorite quotes because as someone who is an advocate for mental health, I believe wholeheartedly that we are not defined by our trauma but defined by the way we process it and heal from it.



“It’s a nostalgic song about my childhood,” she reveals. “When I’d go to sleep as a kid, my mom told me the ‘Sandman’ would visit us every night, sprinkle dust in our eyes, and help us dream. That’s why you wake up with crust in your eyes,” she laughs. “The song feels like one of my best childhood memories. If I’m ever anxious or have trouble sleeping, I’ll close my eyes and imagine this little man flying around the room and sprinkling dust to help me go to sleep.”

I personally stay resilient by turning my hardships into art instead of letting them take control of me. Transformation is a beautiful tool and the more we can transform pain into beauty the better off we are. 







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  • Grace views herself as a night owl. “The nighttime is so peaceful and its my creative safe space and haven.”
  • Grace’s favorite song of all time is “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga