Joy Erlichman Miller, Ph.D., is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, professional trainer and author. Miller is the founder and director of Joy Miller & Associates & the Resiliency Forum in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Miller is an Illinois state Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Master Addictions Counselor. Additionally Dr. Miller has been a part-time instructor at Bradley University, and was a faculty member and mentor at Walden University’s doctoral psychology program.

A leading authority on relationship issues and Holocaust studies, Dr. Miller has participated in over 150 conferences internationally, and has worked with over 15,000 participants in the past twenty years. Miller has been a longtime professional trainer for Health Communications, Inc. (the Chicken Soup publisher), and her professional expertise, energy, enthusiasm, and humor has made her speaker in high demand throughout the country.


Miller is the author of seven published books, which include, Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Adult Child’s Personal Journey Through Oz; My Holding You Up is Holding Me Back: Over-Responsibility and Shame; Celebrations for Your Inner Child; Addictive Relationships: Reclaiming Your Boundaries; and Love Carried Me Home: Women Surviving Auschwitz, which is an in-depth look at the resilient struggle of 16 women during the Holocaust. All proceeds from the work are donated to the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum. Her latest publications include Cancer: Here’s How YOU Can Help ME Cope and Survive, and “I Still See Her Haunting Eyes,” the story of a hidden child during the Holocaust. Both the cancer book, and the newest Holocaust book were published through BF Press, in which Dr. Miller was a co-owner.


A frequent expert on national syndicated television, Dr. Miller has appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah Winfrey, Jenny Jones, Montel Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Her works have been featured in various national magazines and over 40 newspapers around the country. Dr. Miller hosted her own radio show for five years on a CBS affiliate radio station (WMBD 1470) and hosted a weekly mental health segment on the local CBS television station (WMBD-31) from 1991-2008. In 2009 Miller joined the “home team” by moving to Peoria’s number one television station WEEK-25. Dr. Miller was featured in weekly segments on nightly “Live at Five”, as well as host health specials and her own interview segment during the noon news on WEEK-TV. With changes in the NBC News format, the weekly segment concluded.  Breaking the stigma of mental health, Miller hosted weekly segments for 25+ years, providing psycho-educational mental health segments focused on awareness & strategies to empower and thrive.(1991-2018). Miller was also a columnist for the Peoria Times-Observer newspaper, writing a weekly mental health column. She also wrote guest columns for the Peoria Woman and Arts & Society.  


Promoting women’s health and education, Miller and life-long friend Jay Goldberg produced a women’s show in Central Illinois, which hosted 8-10,000 participants each October.  The Women’s Lifestyle Show included two stages of entertainment, over 200 exhibitor booths, numerous mini-stages for demonstrations, and a full day of seminars focusing on women’s issues.  The event was the largest women’s event in Illinois and a Central Illinois showstopper for 20+ years. In 2014 Miller became the sole owner & promoter of the event and her first celebrity speaker was none other than our remarkable Team member, Erin Brockovich.


In 1996, Dr. Miller was presented with the Harold Hodgkinson Dissertation Award for her doctoral dissertation entitled, The Coping Strategies and Adaptation Mechanisms Utilized by Female Holocaust Survivors from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Her research was completed with the United States Holocaust Museum and she was chosen as one of 6 international projects granted permission to work with the data from the Steven Spielberg Project.  Dr. Miller has also been the recipient of the Harold Baer Award and the Outstanding Alumni Award from Bradley University, as well as the Peg Burke Award from the Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley.  She has all received awards from National Association of Social Workers’ “Citizen of the Year Award”, the Center for the Prevention of Abuse’s “Peace Award for Individual Achievement”, the YMCA Leadership Award, the 1st annual Outstanding Alumni Award from Walden University, Bradley University ELH Outstanding Alumni Award, an award from the Cancer Center for Healthy Living, and numerous other awards.



Meet Dr. Joy:


Miller created the Resiliency Forums in 2020 during the early days of the pandemic.  Focused on personal empowerment and promoting strategies to enhance resiliency, our Forum brings together inspirational speakers, empowering clinicians, talented artists, life-changing authors, and noted professionals, all dedicated to enhancing  our ability to bounce back and thrive.  

The Forum’s unique format offers participants a “tasting” of empowering messages from influencers and personalities from around the world.  Each presenter offers a message of hope and healing to participants around the globe. Joined by her life-long friend, Dr. Bryan Robinson, the duo hosts the 4 hour presentation each September. 


Favorites include Maya Angelou quotes:    

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

Victor Frankl: ” Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.”

Victor Frankl:  “When we are no longer able to change a situation-we are challenged to change ourselves.

Edith Eger: “To be free, is to live in the present.”

Edith Eger: You can’t change what happened , you can’t change what you did or what was done to you. But you can choose how you live now.”

My personal slogan:  If you do what you did, you’ll get what you got.”


A January 2021 report reports that 41% of Americans are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression (Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey). Statistics illustrate that our ever-changing world’s population is facing enduring stress, unimaginable pressure, persistent loss, unresolved grief, rising substance abuse, and personal imbalance. Around the globe, humans are reporting feeling overwhelmed with a pandemic that never appears to subside, rising rates of suicide, massive levels of job loss and discontent with career options, depression, PTSD, heightened anxiety, with the overlay of grief and loss.

Miller’s mission is to address global concerns by offering free psycho-educational strategies for enhancing our resiliency quotient and bolstering our personal empowerment and strength through these difficult times. The essence of the conference was creating a “global community of connections” by sharing our voice to create meaning, purpose, and resilience. Our team is dedicated to bringing hope and healing  to participants around the world.


Joy is an accomplished photographer who specializes in wildlife photography, most specifically bird photography.

Her greatest travel experience was staying at an elephant camp in Thailand where she became captivated not only by the elephants, but by the people and landscape of Asia. 

Joy majored in Economics in college- a far cry from counseling!