How to Pump Up Your Resiliency Quotient-Joy Miller PhD


  • See the world from a position of positivity. Look for the good in the world, and attempt to visualize life filled with abundance vs. scarcity.
  • Watch for positive changes you make and be sure to witness them and celebrate the dedication you are making to be grateful and aware of new insights.
  • Look at situations as opportunities to learn new strategies for moving through an obstacle. Be creative, limit your impulsivity, and be open to new ways to look at a situation and possible outcomes.
  • Be open to friendships and connections. Research shows that the most resilient people are the ones who have strong connections within their life.
  • You have a choice. You can look at the glass as half-full or half-empty. The perception is yours. Either the world is keeping you open to beauty or it is filled with obstacles. Which would you choose?
  • Strengthen your esteem by saying something positive to yourself each day. Look in the mirror and say something positive about how you look, what you did today, what you are going to accomplish, or the type of person you are. Do the same thing for someone you love each day and watch the change in them and your relationship with that person.
  • Look for opportunities. The Universe is holding them open for you, and you just have to keep your eyes open, your ears clear, and your arms open.
  • Be willing to be vulnerable. Be willing to touch your feelings. Be willing to share and ask for what you need.
  • Accept that change is a natural part of life. Change helps us grow and teaches us new methods for looking at life and its possibilities.
  • Move toward your goals, but do so in small measured steps. This will encourage success and the possibility for you to celebrate the little steps along the journey.

Be grateful. Miracles are all around you if you take the time to just look.


Joy Erlichman Miller PhD. is the director of Joy Miller & Associates and Resiliency Forum and also an adjunct professor for Bradley University. She is the author of 7 books.