History: The Largest Resiliency Webinar on the Planet

  • 7000 participants registered for our historical 2021 webinar.
  • Live-streaming Webinar with presentations for 4.5 continuous hours.
  • Participants represented 111 countries around the world, creating the largest resiliency conference on the planet.
  • Participants were registered in 6 /7 continents.
  • 37 celebrities which included:
    • Musical Talent: Alanis Morissette, Rhonda Ross, Omar Wilson, Alex Harris, Tito Jackson, Laura Robinson, Matthew Alexander, Rahul Karnkarni
    • Clinicians & Physicians: Edith Eger, Jack Kornfield, Harville Hendrix, Helen Hunt, Kristin Neff, Naomi Baum & Michael Dickson, Cynthia Tuohy, Elaine Miller-Karas, Pat Love, Jill Carnahan, Bryan Robinson, Joy Miller
    • Inspirational: Arianna Huffington, Erin Brockovich, Jericho Brown, Dr. Ian Smith, Shelley Plumb, Michele Sullivan, Fritzie Fritzhall, Joe Gandarillas & Michael Aiduss, Monica Parker
    • Political: Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood
  • 7 Global Influencers from Jordan, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the Ukraine
  • Provided continuing education credits for licensure of professionals.
  • Charity donations by participants were directed to #FirstRespondersFirst for mental health needs.


Our Resiliency Mission

Focused on personal empowerment and promoting strategies to enhance resiliency, our Forum brings together inspirational speakers, empowering clinicians, talented artists, life-changing authors, and noted professionals, all dedicated to enhancing our ability to bounce-back and thrive.

Our goal is to share creative and innovative strategies for dealing with the unexpected earth-shattering event that has changed every American’s life. We offer new methods to reframe global experiences and support each participant toward discovering a “new normal.” We know Americans want more than to survive the pandemic; they want to thrive from it. Our mission is to assist participants to discover strategies for being grateful, finding purpose, examining personal meaning, and building resiliency.

Our speakers contribute their time and talent to create a meaningful change in our world. Our team shares their expertise and “voice” in our free webinar event which focuses on helping people become more resilient & thrive.

Our webinar is offered at no cost, however, we ask participants are asked to donate monies for identified social justice issues that affect our mental health and well-being.  We will be announcing our recipient charity in the coming months, and we are asking participants to participate in our “change by giving” project.